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Homeschool Events, Sports, Leadership Meetings, Proms, Graduations, Educator Workshops are on the Calendar for

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Blog Updates
baby boy Our blog is the place to find up to date information about the goings on in Texas.  We try to post about homeschool Days and other activities that you won't find in the usual places.  If your group is having an activity open to homeschoolers, let us know and we will post it.


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You Can Do THIS!

You are probably here to find out how this homeschool stuff works, if it's for you, and what the regulations are in Texas.  We cover all of that!  Just click the menu and get started.  We also have lots of lesosn plans and our blog is full of events throughout Texas!

We have been doing radio shows so just download in your ipod and listen on your walk or the car.

The Joy Tiz Show we did a Back to School-NOT Progam, with great reasons to homeschool.

Whether you do an online school, a co-op, or make your own lesson plans, you can do this.  Many folks start with a basic textbook style and the grow into other methods of homeschooling.  We have many great stories in our article throughout the website.

With almost 400,000 homeschoolers in Texas, you do not need to walk alone or reinvent the wheel.  There are lots of Not Back to School Parties going on all across Texas in August, then September has great Homeshool Days in Museums, zoos, sports teams, and other fun educational places.  Our blog will have updates on these fabulous chances to explore with your children.

Do check out our FaceBook pages.  We keep you up to date with what is happening in your town.

We hope you enjoy this month's video, TED is a great resource to share with your relatives who are still iffy about homeschooling.  Great minds discussing how real education enhances the whole person. 

Video of the Month
 Another TED video: Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?


 Remember, if your family or kids have done a video production, send us a 5 min version of it and we will put it here!