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Coke (Soda Pop) Unit Study

I promised to send you wonderful folks this info after I got it put together. Thank you all for your help. I usually make a cover sheet for my binder so I can find everything easily, it also helps my planning. We can't wait to get into it, but we probably won't for a few weeks, I need to get the syrup stuff. ~Robert
Cola Unit

How Caffeine Works

What is Root beer

Coke History
More Coke History


Why is Coke corrosive?

Diet Coke and Mentos experiment on video.

How Sweet is it? 
Crazy and Wakey uses for Coca Cola

Make your own softdrink recipes
Fifty years of coca cola advertisments in streaming format
Videos of experiments with cocacola

We will also do a field trip to Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, I will pick up some books from the library to show her the history of sodas, I might call the Coke bottle plant in Austin and see if they do field trips.